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Elder Law encompasses Medicaid planning, and Long Term Care planning. In that that the governments' rules and regulations about Medicaid change every year it is important to keep up with the latest changes pertaining to applicant eligibility and the greatly misunderstood “look back period”.  The "look back period” is the span of time that the government can examine and consider an applicant s assets to determine eligibility.  This is a very complex area and must be analyzed carefully by a professional.  Even though some of the applicant s assets may fall within the "look back period" it is still very possible to have a Medicaid application granted.

 Elder Law also encompasses Guardianship of older people who cannot physically care for themselves, and/or cannot handle their usual and customary financial affairs.  Guardianships of children are processed in Surrogates Court or Family Court.  Guardianships of the elderly or disabled are usually handled in Surrogates Court.


Special Needs Planning

Long Term Care Planning

Medicaid Planning

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