Guardianship.jpgIn the past few years, the law has colidated all varieties of guardianship's.  A guardian may be appointed for children, disabled children, disabled adults and also seniors.  There are two different kinds of guardians:  A Guardian of the Person and a Guardian of the Property.  A Guardian of the Person makes decisions regarding the health, educational and personal needs of the Alleged Incapacitated Person (A.I.P.”).  A Guardian of the Property is authorized to pay bills, collect and retain income and assets, and make other financial decisions to maximize the A.I.P.’s income.  A Guardian of the Property can also make gifts.

When a guardian is appointed, the court makes an order which specifically sets forth what a guardian is authorized to do.  The court has the power to grant broad discretion to the guardian, but also the power to limit the guardian.  Each case is dependent upon its facts, and the person for whom the guardian is appointed.   The Law Offices of Lewis C. Edelstein, Esq., P.C. have conducted numerous Guardianship proceedings for every variety of persons in need of guardianship.  A person who is disabled or advanced in years should be treated with the utmost care and sensitivity.  This firm strives to see that the person's needs are addressed accordingly.

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