shutterstock_206322109.jpgAs a person approaches their advanced years, often times, their medical condition requires round the clock care.  Home health care aides, if utilized on a 24/7 schedule, can exhaust a person’s assets in a matter of months.  Long term care facilities in the New York area are also very costly.  Some cost well over $15,000.00 a month.  Even if a person has substantial assets, their assets can be depleted rapidly, denying financial comfort and security. 

The Law Firm of Lewis C. Edelstein, Esq., P.C. is well experienced in the areas of long term planning and has saved clients and their families thousands of dollars in long term nursing care.  Knowledge of the Medicaid rules and regulations as well as the law of trusts and estates is essential for this planning.  

Unfortunately, when a person realizes they are going to need long-term nursing care, it is too late to save a substantial amount of assets. However, a thorough knowledge of the Medicaid rules and regulations, as well as the law, will insure that as many assets as possible can be be retained.

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