mother's fathers and grandparents rights.jpgA basic tenant of the law of custody is that every child has two parents, and four grandparents, all of whom are important.  In the Law Offices of Lewis C. Edelstein, Esq., P.C., the focus rest upon the best interest of the child first, and then the rights of the respective parents.  The law in New York State demands a balanced input from both parents. The Law Offices of Lewis Edelstein, Esq., P.C. strives to ensure that both parents will have substantial input into the child’s life.

In the past few years, the courts have come to recognize the importance of grandparents’ presence in a child’s life.  In many cases, the child’s formative years are enhanced by a substantial presence of a grandparent in a child’s life.  In some instances, grandparents, either together or individually, have raised the child, and have already formed a very close and meaningful relationship.  The Firm of Lewis C. Edelstein, Esq., P.C. strives to retain that relationship or foster relationships between the grandparents and child.



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